Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Equinox

It seems like it's finally arrived. The time is once again here for the return of Autumn. 
Because of this I'd like to wish you all a magical Autumn Equinox, Alban Elfed, Mabon, or 23rd of September! 
*throws confetti and leaves* No matter what we call it there is perfect balance between day and night, or light and dark symbolically, as the time of thankfulness is upon us. Whether giving thanks for the harvested crops and other blessings, return of the colder times, any amount of shelter, recently found inspiration, refreshed vigor, or any other aspects of our lives, it is time to feel gratitude. 

This is the turning of the cycle into the darker aspect containing both Autumn and Winter in which we more heavily embrace self reflection and rejuvenation following the active, lighter aspect of the year. 

To celebrate the equinox I've done a wee honoring of hearth and home, something very similar to spring cleaning! 
New autumnal herb blends have been created, lighter bed sheets were tucked away in exchange for warmer winter blankets, spicy candles were welcomed back in, lingering dust was swept away, and the windows were flung wide open. The goal was to encourage the moving and clearing of older, stagnant energies from the past season to make room for the newer energies of the present. The home is a place where we, at least in the northern hemisphere, will now begin flocking to more often as the air grows cold and our bodies align with the more restful habits of the colder seasons. Today was a day spent preparing and celebrating my home. In some ways it was a method of getting the both of us 'on the same page!'

Do you celebrate the equinox? What festivities have your days been filled with?

~ ☽ Juvelee Ceveneth ☾ ~