Friday, October 10, 2014

Eighteenth Year

This is just a wee little post to say... my eighteenth birthday was yesterday! 
The day was celebrated with spinach pizza, carrot cake, chocolate cupcakes, and lots of laughter. It seems as if all of my silent requests, ones that I've only made in my head, were spontaneously answered yesterday as well. Perhaps even the universe gives gifts on birthdays? Teehee!
 Between the beautiful walk home from work to the surprises sent my way, 'twas a magical day from sunrise to sunset! Not only that but the weather presented me the opportunity to wear my fleece pixie top from the goddess Kate of Technodolly. 

A close-up of the hems seen from the front

A close-up of the hems seen from the back

And of course, the pixie pointed collar!

Yesterday was not of this world and I'm so infinitely grateful.
The biggest of thank-you's to all of those who helped craft the brew that was my ninth of October. My heart is still fat with happiness, just as my belly is with carrot cake, and there's nothing more needing to be asked for than that. 

~ ☽ Juvelee Ceveneth ☾ ~