Monday, May 19, 2014

Nature-Centered Spirituality (including 'Flower Therapy' and 'Living Earth Devotional')

Books book books... and more books! 

My reading habits are split equally between reading informational, non-fiction writings and fictional, fantastical writings. I wouldn't be able to say which I prefer because it really depends on the day or what I'm craving - I go wherever my passions are leading me! But when I'm not mentally seated atop a horse and riding off towards battle or swimming in the depths of the oceans, you can find me reading about multiple different things, most often about spirituality and the many facets of it. Whether it's a spiritual belief practiced by me or not, I'll always be drawn to and feel passionate about acquiring that unbiased knowledge - in that way I'm a wee bit greedy or obsessive! 

Throughout the years, beginning when I was a very young elfling, I've swayed towards earth-oriented spirituality for my own life and it's paths. This doesn't cancel out my interests in the other religions and spiritual trees of our world but for my own spirit, the earth (and the universe) was always where I found what I was looking for, whatever that may be or will be, therefore being the dominant subject of all the books I own. Today I'm only wishing to share two of the earthy books I've acquired in the last year for the purpose of self-reflection as well as sharing with others who may be interested! These books aren't books of strict doctrine; they're much more of practices to include in one's life alongside any religion or spirituality, which is one of the reasons why these books have a special place in my heart. 

Living Earth Devotional by Clea Danaan

 Written on the back of the book:
'Tune in to nature, care for the sacred earth, and grow spiritually with 365 eco-friendly activities for deepening your connection with nature. Following the Wheel of the Year, this day-by-day guide will help you tune in to the energies of the changing seasons and build a greater appreciation for the earth's beauty, power, and wisdom. Reduce your carbon footprint, recharge your creativity and intuition, and cultivate a connection with the world that inspires spiritual growth and personal transformation.'

Excerpt from Living Earth Devotional
Living Earth Devotional by Clea Danaan is a book with the goal of sharing green projects, objectives, and practices ranging from gardening to meditation techniques with those who are looking for daily goals to accomplish. The book was (lightly) written with a pagan audience in mind, as evident by some of the terms used, but in no way promotes any specific path and can be read by anyone searching for a way to integrate the earth into their daily life - in my opinion. The book mainly focuses on the earth, ways to connect with her, and refers to the seasons using sacred terms that are primarily coined as 'pagan' but doesn't share it's message in a way that would frighten or intimidate someone who isn't pagan. The activities can be done by anyone who has or is aiming for a spiritual connection with the earth. It's a very sweet book that's inspired me in the last six months that I've had it on hand!


Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves
 Written on the back of the book:
'"Flower Therapy" is the art of working with flowers, flower essences, and angels for healing, manifestation, and abundance. With nature as your ally, your dreams really can come true. In this handy book, Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves give in-depth information about 88 flowers, illustrated with gorgeous, full-color photographs. You'll find out about the flowers' energetic and healing properties, discover which angels are connection to each one, and learn to associate different species with the various chakras. In addition, there's a loving, channeled message of support directly from each flower. You'll even be guided through energetic clearing methods and learn how to perform a Flower Therapy reading.'

An excerpt from Flower Therapy
Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves is a small, compact, and very helpful book that would serve any soul looking to work energetically with flowers. It's split into three major sections: 
  1. Discovering Flower Therapy: In this chapter you'll be introduced to flower therapy and it's companions, ways to gather and care for your healing flowers, healing methods, flower essences and infusions, and divine guidance from each flower.
  2. Flower Therapy Directory: Here you will find the section of the book that's pictured above as well as a small bit of extra information regarding flowers not in the book. This section is infinitely helpful and consumes a majority of the book, which is very nice because it leaves many information chart-like sources to be read. 
  3. Flower Therapy Charts: This is where you'll find archangel associations with flowers, chakra associations with flowers, and energetic healing properties of flowers - all written in a 'reference section' type of way, similar to information written in the back of text books. 
I've found such peace and assistance in this book... it honestly holds so much more value in my heart than the size of the book could reveal at a first glance. It's written from an un-biased, all-encompassing spiritual view, including both archangels and charkas (aspects of different religions), which is something that can welcome any flower-student with open arms. It lays the information out in an easily-read manner throughout all of the chapters and lessens any confusion one may have of working with healing flowers. It's a light-hearted yet endlessly helpful read that can be referred to many times over!


This is all for today as the post ended up being a bit more lengthy than I originally envisioned but who am I to stop the heart when it has much to share? Hehehe! 
Are there any books you recommend? Have you read these books and were they helpful to your path? I have a few other books that were planned to be written about, should I write about the other books?

~ ☽ Juvelee Ceveneth ☾ ~

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Photographic Journey Through the Winter

I've never minded the company of giants, ehehehe :)

All is coming alive once again in these lands and is officially free of snow or any other signs that Father Winter is lingering. This winter was a very active and mischievous one with many feet of snow (sometimes a few feet at a time), dangerously low temperatures, and vicious winds that burn the skin almost immediately. There were few days where the weather was mild once the season began and I feel that it lasted much longer this year than in previous years which caused the sight of snow to be a bitter one after some time. It was a time of rest, closure, and embrace of the darker aspect of the year cycle! I can't say that I'm disappointed or sad to see winter go because I've missed the sun and the sounds, textures, and activities of our living earth. 

Taken during the beginning of the season

I'm generally one to celebrate and happily attune myself with the seasons but there were many days where I cursed the wind for burning me during my daily walks, hahahah! One's skin, even the skin of a northerner, can only handle so many gusts of wind that blow away your hood to attack your ears. 

A night time snowfall

With this I officially say farewell to the cold and welcome the warmth - the light! *waves* It was great while it lasted, Father Winter, but it's time for a shift... see you in December!
This season brings Renaissance Festivals, drive-in movie theaters, skirts free from wool leggings beneath them, dances in the sunlight, beautifully long days, laying in the grass... oh, and bugs!

I hope you're finding happiness in this season, even if you sometimes wilt in the heat like I do!

~ ☽ Juvelee Ceveneth ☾ ~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aaahhh, a new blog! *waves arms around*

Ahh, the smell of a new blog at... well, after midnight! The time is 12:18 AM and this creature is sat cozily in bed watching the History Channel's 'Vikings' while attempting to scribble a somewhat introductory post. But consider the uncomfortable introduction romped right over! Inspiration has struck heavily and with that I've found myself inspired to create a keeping place for my journey. Because of that, let this be my official raised goblet and commencing huzzah for blogging! 

This post is short and only greeting in nature but there are many more scrolls to be shared in the future, hopefully holding more excitement than this one. But we will see about that, hehehe. Now that sleep is calling me it's time to close the computer for the night so with this I wish you a healing, beautiful night! It feels wonderful to be back.

~ ☽ Juvelee Ceveneth ☾ ~