Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Photographic Journey Through the Winter

I've never minded the company of giants, ehehehe :)

All is coming alive once again in these lands and is officially free of snow or any other signs that Father Winter is lingering. This winter was a very active and mischievous one with many feet of snow (sometimes a few feet at a time), dangerously low temperatures, and vicious winds that burn the skin almost immediately. There were few days where the weather was mild once the season began and I feel that it lasted much longer this year than in previous years which caused the sight of snow to be a bitter one after some time. It was a time of rest, closure, and embrace of the darker aspect of the year cycle! I can't say that I'm disappointed or sad to see winter go because I've missed the sun and the sounds, textures, and activities of our living earth. 

Taken during the beginning of the season

I'm generally one to celebrate and happily attune myself with the seasons but there were many days where I cursed the wind for burning me during my daily walks, hahahah! One's skin, even the skin of a northerner, can only handle so many gusts of wind that blow away your hood to attack your ears. 

A night time snowfall

With this I officially say farewell to the cold and welcome the warmth - the light! *waves* It was great while it lasted, Father Winter, but it's time for a shift... see you in December!
This season brings Renaissance Festivals, drive-in movie theaters, skirts free from wool leggings beneath them, dances in the sunlight, beautifully long days, laying in the grass... oh, and bugs!

I hope you're finding happiness in this season, even if you sometimes wilt in the heat like I do!

~ ☽ Juvelee Ceveneth ☾ ~


  1. How delightfully beautiful pictures! :) Here where I live in Norway we only had snow in what seemed like most a couple of weeks this winter, and it was most unlikely... I've never experienced anything like it. And the spring is at least one month earlier than ususal, it looks like the middle of june! But it is lovely and the winter was so kind this year, we didn't freeze too much in our cold log house.

    1. Thank you, sweetie! :) A light winter is definitely not what I imagine when I think of a Norwegian winter hehehe. I imagine a very heavy, active winter! But it does sound lovely and pleasant, the early spring and comfortable winter. I'm relived to hear you didn't freeze! It was a bit chilly in my home, even with the heating system, but the colder temperatures were so beautiful to sleep in so I just carried around a cozy blanket and wore plushy socks for the extra heat when I needed it. Overall it was beautiful and trudging through the snow is always an adventure!

  2. Stunning photos :) I would so love to come visit you! *sigh* :) I am so happy for spring asweel :D It was so grey and unspiring for such along time, but now it's lush and beautiful! :D

    1. Thank you, sister! I hope that one day our paths will cross and we can adventure through many nature realms together :) It would be so magical <3 I agree, winter brings such beautiful energies in the beginning but towards the end it can become so tedious and bland... very uninspiring! Now it's alive, active and so so so lush!! There are leaves to lurk around in and gross to roll around in... it's a beautiful, beautiful time!! :D